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Man, this one was a complete pain to film! At first I was rather excited at the prospect of getting to go out and capture a story that didn't seem to have a lot of "fluff"; that's to say I felt actually interested in the topic. It was also pretty cool of my  manager, Mr. Goble, to let me drive to South City during school with no questions asks. But I digress.

On the first day of shooting, me and my reporter, Keith, readied all of our equipment and made the 30-minute drive through midday traffic all the way to the Hill. We were there for all of 5 minutes before we realized that we'd forgotten our SD card & would be unable to record anything. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!

So we drove all the way back to the school, empty handed.

Inside of the restaurant
Round 2. The next week, we made extra-special-super-sure that we had an SD card. We skipped out on lunch, and left right after noon for Onesto. In an attempt to reach our destination quicker, we disregarded the advice of my GPS and took the back streets in an attempt to avoid the congested Kinshighway. It didn't help, and we arrived at around 12:50. We were able to quickly get the interviews, and Craig Stenson, the owner, gave us a free pizza for our efforts. Let me tell you, he wasn't full of hot air when he talked about the lengths that he goes to in order to have the freshest pizza. That stuff is delicious. We got back to base with our pockets full of usable clips.

We'd have 3 periods to edit everything, and we figured that'd give us just enough time. But we'd forgotten about Murphy's law. All of our videos were on one SD card, and this one SD card happened to be out on a school-sponsored field trip. We'd have no access to it that day, meaning we'd have to do 3 days of editing in 2 days. Oh boy.

Using our free period and after school, me and Keith had the video edited 3 hours before the 6pm deadline. The only problem was that both of us had some place to be at 4, so we couldn't turn the video in. I had the delegate the job to one of my friends, and just hope that it would get done.

Fortunately, it did. The video was put in the correct folder before 6, and Mr. Goble was none the wiser. Unless he reads this... Here's hoping that it was too long and he skimmed it.

Stenson sure knows how to cook
Don Goble
4/24/2013 01:03:38

I don't skim Will. And please change the caption on the pizza photo. Good posts.

Mr. Goble


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