And the train keeps on rolling. I was able to secure the physical rehabilitation room at the school in order to film a scene. However, I'd neglected to scout the location before filming. There was a very loud ice machine that produced an incessant, deafening hum. I'd almost resigned myself to having poor quality audio, when immaculate intervention occurred and the ice machine became quite. I whispered a silent "thank you" before proceeding to film the scene.
Emily White gets some bad news
Schedule conflicts with actors has became an increasingly big headache in the past week. I had a date scheduled to film a specific scene. I had the location set, all equipment needs taken care of and all schedules aligned. 48 hours before filming, I learned from another crew member that one of my actors would be out of town on that date and had not bothered to tell me. To say that I was frustrated would be an understatement. If anything, producing a short film has been a valuable experience in dealing with more right-brained actor types. The ability to tactfully over-communicate is a valuable skill.
For the last three months, I have been creating a script for a short film. Several late nights have been spent tweaking words and envisioning scenes. The basic plot of the movie involves a girl who is forced to question the nature of reality after an accident leaves her imprisoned inside of her own mind.
Mr. Pecka has been method acting for the part of Teacher.
Production has gone smoothly so far. I was able to make arrangements to shoot video in a hospital, and with the exception of the actors not bringing in the correct clothing, filming has been just peachy. Casting went off without any trouble, and two scenes have already been filmed in entirety. We're right on schedule to be in post production by second semester.