At long last, I finally have all of my raw footage shot. Hours upon hours of writing dialogue, coordinating shooting dates and fidgeting with tripods has paid off with a massive aggregate of videos. My job is now to reduce this large lump of unrelated moving images down into a coherent 17-minute story. Though I'm tremendously satisfied with reaching a new phase in my project, my delight is speckled with concern. Did I get enough takes of the pivotal accident scene? Will the audio from the hallway scene be drowned out by the vending machines? Will the retakes of the classroom scene be able to mesh with the original shots from 4 months ago? I suppose that in the end, I can only do the best with what I have. And when that inevitably fails, I can count on Mr Goble to bail me out.
Emily (Hope Williams) spaces out while friends Sarah (Eva Walker) and Jessica (Janine Norman) discuss Blues Clues.

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