The seat of my pants has grown wings. After months of failed attempts, I finally secured a date and location to film the scenes that take place in a hospital room. Thinking that I would be able to use a friend's sound equipment, I didn't bother to take a microphone from the school before it locked up for the weekend. 75 minutes before the scheduled shoot, I learned that my friend, along with his sound equipment was in Los Angeles.
Brian White (Sam Israel) has a laugh at the expense of his sister.
I frantically called everyone in my address book in a last-ditch effort to procure sound equipment, but no one was able to help me. 45 minutes before the shoot, I called Mr. Goble, ready to admit defeat. Calm as a monk, Goble told me to simply download a voice memo app onto my cell phone and use that to record sound. Renewed with hope that all was not lost, I sped to the sight of the shoot just in time, camera bag slapping against my side as I ran to the entrance of the hospital. To my surprise, Goble's cell phone idea worked. The audio from my actor's iPhone was of comparable quality to audio from a purpose-built microphone. At the end of the day, this shoot was a valuable lesson in making the best of limited resources. That, and calling Mr. Goble when you get in too deep. Goble knows all.

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