PictureDoes this count as breaking the 4th wall?
I'd like to consider myself a somewhat outgoing person. I try not to let myslef be anhibited too much by unfirmiliar social situations. But let me tell you, being dropped in a room with a half dozen people twice my age with no introduction was AWKWARD. This wasn't helped by the fact that I was shoving a camera in their faces and demanding soundbites. To their credit, all of the HEC TV cast and crew did their best to humor me. They let my trapse around their setup, filming interesting bits and collecting interveiws. Perhaps I took advantage of this a little too much, I finished with hours of B roll and interveiws that needed to be edited.

PictureSo many choices of buttons to click
It always seems that even when I have enough B roll to fill a small house, I still never have the right kind. Sometimes, I have to just get a little creative and pair a sound bite with some viduals that don't match. This lady is talking about how hard it is to market the TV station. I've got 7 medium shots of the two anchors at the desk, 5 shots of the meteorologist at the green screen, and a handful of shot with techies plugging in equipment. It's impossible to go out and collect more shots, HEC TV has packed up and left. Just gotta make do with what you have, I suppose.

PictureBetter get that shot lined up perfectly
Even with a few awkward silences and speedbumps in the editing room, I was still happy with my end product. The sound was bad at times, the framing wasn't perfect, but when it was all said in done, I think that I had a video that is both informative and (somewhat) entertaining. Solid B+ work.

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