This video was depressing to make. I had to research childhood cancer statistics & attempt to sounds somber in the voiceover. Usually, our short for LadueView are light-hearted and fun, but this one took on a more morbid tone.  A teacher at my scholl had a son recently diagnosed with leukemia, and we decided to make this to show him a little support.

However, this PSA was an excellent opportunity to reopen communications with my old 4th grade teacher. We were able to chat for 5 or 10 minutes after the filming. I got to skip out on class to film kids at the elementary school, which was actually pretty hilarious. They were all nervous to go in front of the camera. We ended up with around 20 5-second long shots of these kids telling us what they wanted to be when they grew up. We had to scrap most of them though, because most of the kids were too shift, or not cute enough. All in a day's work, though.
"A soccer player"
3/8/2016 19:26:14

Its must to create better communication to raise awareness on childhood cancer. By knowing the importance we can also raise funds for the foundation by selling wristbands or T-shirts associate with it.


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